Everybody Has Something. Everyone.

If you think that everyone else is perfect in their world, well, it isn’t. Everyone is facing something. Everyone. In the last couple weeks, here are a few things that have happened with people very close to me:

My Neighbors

My next door neighbors recently were informed that BOTH of their 80+ year old mothers have bone cancer and multiple masses.

The guy who lives two doors down received horrible news by two different oncologists that he has stage four cancer, all over his body.  His mind and heart are good though, and he presses on with faith.

My Work

Multiple people in South Florida that I coach mentioned that they had some connection to a few of the people who went missing and were killed during the Surfside condo collapse in the early morning of June 24, 2021.

One of our contractors just lost his mother; he sat by her bedside for nearly two weeks.  And once she passed, his father quickly changed, started going to the casino and spending money like a crazy man.  

My Family

My own mother is making multiple trips to the doctor to understand why is she so short of breath, fatigued, and frustrated. Thank goodness that I can join her on these appointments.

My father bought a wonderful mare (horse) a couple years ago, to have future race horses. However, this week, the mare got extremely ill, and had to be put down due to severe colitis. And another race horse broke its leg, and another mare got her leg wrapped up in a neighbor’s wire fence. Yes, thank goodness for vets who cared for two of the three horses, but the loss of the good mare hurts.

My niece just recently was divorced, after a 17-year marriage.

My Friends

My best guy friend has been helping care for his parents for the last 3 years, and his mother passed away last week. 

A girlfriend from high school texted me late last evening, as her husband just was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer.

Our Ohio friends both are helping tend to their mothers’ well being, as both of their fathers have already passed.


In the last month, I have faced a battle with shingles, and the aftermath of all the meds to treat the shingles.  And then, I got tangled up in some poison oak while gardening. Intense rash on my body now over the last month. Grateful for my healthcare, but geez, really don’t even want to go see the doc.

Life throws us challenges, and of course, many opportunities.  Although life may look all rosy and fun, most are facing something.  How are you truly understanding what people are going through? Are you showing patience, or jumping to conclusions? How are you offering to provide support, or are you? What happens when you need someone or something?

Please remember, everyone has something.  Everyone.

Jen Wilfong, July 13, 2021