Quit overthinking. Quit overanalyzing. Quit hashing it over and over.

Be BOLD. Do “it”, whatever “it” is. You’ll learn more from doing “it”, than analyzing “it”.

For example, I recently decided to be BOLD in a few areas of my life, and it is working. If you want to sell something, sell it. If you want a raise, ask for it. If you want to stop drinking as much or reduce your sugar intake, then stop it. If you want to stretch and lift more, then schedule it and do it.

Be BOLD. It’s your life. And at the end of your life, what will you regret? Will you regret being too conservative? Or, will you relive the unique and bold moments? If God gives me the chance at the end of life, I hope that I’m smiling and grinning about the times that I bet on myself, and was BOLD.